A new dimension in Spatial development

Planosfeer offers professional help in spatial development processes. Through disarming and enthusing communication we bring energy and momentum to spatial- and economic development. We do so by adding strategy to (the realization of) plans and ambitions.

Current (economic) times have drastically changed the Dutch urban planning practice. Initiatives no longer come from real-estate developers, (social-)housing corporations and (local) governments, but from merely anywhere. How do we bring those that match together? How can we help them through the tough world of urban planning and –development? Our work begins here.

From there we aim to enrich the ambitions and plans and help facilitate the process. We bring best practice experience from the Netherlands and all over the world to help identify (progressive / innovative) opportunities and find smart ways of development and realization.

Planosfeer operates in a network of professionals in the field and academics on the topics of spatial development, urban resilience, Spatial quality & livability, spontaneous city development, sustainability, housing, public space, spatial economy, etc. We form coalitions by opportunity and work together with combined expertise.

The end of large scale area development and major investment interests, leaves opportunities for spontaneous spatial development. We help create the right atmosphere for public and private involvement to thrive.

Purchase a copy of the Green Education book
Get yourself informed on Aruba’s great example and be inspired by what we achieved at the Green Education Symposium 2013. We incorporated the lectures as well as the results of the workshops into a colourful display of Aruba’s green cause!


Planosfeer was inspirator and held workshops @ Aruban 2nd Green Education Conference, april 21 - 24. download translated presentation


Planosfeer was special member to the Dutch Carribean delegation to Ala's convention in Chicago, 27/6 through 2/7: speaking of transition to sustainability and the role of knowledge and libraries in the process.


I support the work of the Carbon War Room, closely following the transition of Aruba to a green & sustainable economy.
Watch José Maria Figueres at work to see why.



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